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Craft is a classy, vintage bar that seems like it was cut straight out of the 1970's. Referring to both the craft of beer and spirits, as well as the craft of the musicians that they regularly have performing on stage, there is a unique feeling to being in Craft--almost like being in the setting of a television show. Everyone is kind and welcoming. The wall of speakers behind the bar provide a delightfully rock-and-roll vibe to the joint. They serve all craft everything--craft cocktrails, craft spirits, craft beer (including their in-house brewery Bastone). Did I mention that they serve Absinthe? There's something here for everyone. Their menu is out of this world, their Asian Spring Rolls and their Award-Winning Pomme Frites being my personal favorites. Craft is a refreshingly unique experience that you are guaranteed to want to return to every weekend.

419 South Main
Royal Oak, MI 48067

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