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Red Fox English Pub

Do you have dreams of one day visiting England and spending a day sitting in the Pub like a proper British gent or madam? Red Fox English Pub in Royal Oak is the perfect place for you. Nowhere in the Metro Detroit area emulates the classic British pub better than Red Fox. With a mouth-watering selection of Roast Beef sandwiches, Poutine, and (wait for it) Fish & Chips, you will find yourself never wanting to leave. Don't forget to get an appetizer like their Wellington Pretzels, Rothbury Cheese Balls, or Dynamite Shrimp. Pair all of that with their impressive selection of beers from both across the pond and stuff from back home, and you will have yourself a right jolly evening at the Red Fox English Pub.

Red Fox English Pub
100 South Main Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

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